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What is Branding?

What are the types of Branding?


Different types of branding:

Branding can be done in various ways depending on the target customers, geographical area. Some of the types of branding are:

Global branding

Personal branding

Geographical branding

Cultural branding

Packaging branding

Product branding

Strategy branding

Design branding

Logo branding

Luxury branding and so on.


Why Branding is important? What is Product Branding?


Branding is important for it makes you, your product or service known to your customer in an unique appealing way.

Which are the important aspects to be kept in mind for Product Branding?


Branding, advertising, designing, creating logo, packaging….

what does a business require?

People their personality and authenticity of them as a person are these aspects useful in a business?

These and many such questions will be answered here.

Why people do branding?

business branding strategy


What is the need of advertising?


Why do firms spend in creating a logo?


Top notch Business entities can invest in advertising, preparing an attractive purpose driven logo and design for their products which will help in branding their products in unique way. So that their products are always remembered by their customers.

What about small business entities?


What is Branding?


Branding is like a thread in a necklace which binds together all the beads of marketing using a unique idea to build trust of customer by adding value to their life. This is done by using different strategies in different aspects of branding.


What is Product Branding?

Branding strategy











If we decide to apply each and every rule to our product branding it will be difficult for the product to qualify for advertising, branding or sale. In other words, a single product can qualify some or most of the procedures but to qualify each and every rule will be difficult, hence product branding is tough.

Product branding is the process of marketing a product or service in a very unique way of having many different perspectives integrated in a single soul principle of purpose of business.

An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. In simple words, your brand strategy can build authentic trust of customer in your products.

Let’s consider for example a business owner wants to launch his new product which is a washing machine. Since this business was newly launched, the business owner was afraid of getting a branding strategy for upscaling the sale of his product-washing machine.

In marketing we are given a list of rules, check lists or procedures to follow while advertising, branding and selling any product.

branding principle
Now how to do product branding?










You will say as per the procedure the product should qualify each and every rule in the procedure to be fit for coming in market for sale.

Now what? Is this what you are feeling?

Relax! Though all products have to pass certain marketing rules, there is a thumb rule – the Principle of marketing which is unique to any product and any type of marketing may it be branding, advertising or selling.

Out of which principle is the main and foremost of all.

Principle of any business is based on its Vision, Mission or Purpose to serve their customers. This purpose is to Add Value to their customer’s lifestyle or life depending on the product.

Business can use this principle of purpose in their own firm in a strategic way, to brand their each and every product.


You will say how any business can use one single principle for branding all of its products?

It is possible!

The Purpose, Mission or Vision of a business is always one unique thing to add value.

Suppose, a business is selling sports attire studs, sports shoes, socks, running shoes, T-shirts, trousers and so on to their clients.

The purpose of the business is to add value of a comfort feeling to their customer’s lifestyle. This principle of adding value to their customers is integrated through adding value to each and every product in the business, adding value in production of each product, adding value by treating each and every employee with humanity regardless of their position, adding value by living life on principle.

Branding Principle



Though the products are different, the principle of advertising, branding and selling is unique that is, “Be Limitless” – Constantly strive to give the Best with the Ease and Comfort feeling acquired by wearing their sport products.


brand strategy












We use this principle strategically to advertise and brand the different products using top celebrities of sport or champions as influencers to promote products.

Hence, you see that it is pretty simple by inculcating the Core Value of the business in the mind of clients we can gain trust of our customers.

Logo and color scheme:

brand design

We can use a unique color scheme to standout their brand or logo of business and product branding in an array of different business.



We can develop a creative, unique or innovative design for our products that make them standout differently representing their business brand in their category of products. This is the second most important aspect of business.

Packaging and delivery:

The more attractive and appealing package will it be with a small note from CEO of the business will add value to the product and help in building personal trust of customer.


business principle

There should be a consistency in the color scheme used for product logo and product design. This help the customer to always remember it and relate it while buying any sport product in form of an image of the brand. Thereby gaining the trust and royalty of customer for the business.

Consistency also plays an important part in attracting customers. If business is consistent in providing value to customer throughout its journey then the customers are always loyal to buy from them.


Now I am sure, you will definitely agree that if a business is ethically preparing products that add value not only to customer’s life or lifestyle but, also to the life of all employee. Then by branding on the principle of that value addition in a strategic way without investing much in preparing very fancy or attractive logo and unique color scheme design or advertising on media heavily. Any Business can grow and build mass trust in an authentic manner.

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